President Message Our Values & Ethics

Our company, Asoka Intl Company Limited (AICL), was created in August 2012. The name of the company reflects our strong desire and commitment to become a leading world class company with background of a Japanese alliance.

AICL will make the most efficient use of research and technology development qualities, wider and wholesome clientele, and enhanced large-scale facilities, all acquired and strengthened as the result of the management integration, enabling us to proceed with the development as well as the product development capabilities that will consistently lead the growth and serve better.

Our business fields will have the core operation to strengthen our business base, with the aim of expanding the fine jewelry, precious, semi-precious stones, Kabushan, beads and all other kind of fancy material & cut stones, Import, wholesale, sale of spices, rock salt, salt lamps, bath salt, table salt, grocery retail, herbal business and lifecycle business, as well as enforcing our initiative for offshore structure business in the near future. We are aware that our commitment of contributing to the society and to the industry development can be realized through sustained growth achievable by responding quickly and flexibly to various needs of our customers throughout business fields we are engaged in, allowing us to continuously provide our highest quality products and services.

We intend to devote our full capacity towards this aim and we would be grateful to the continued warm support of all those concerned. We provide all kinds of Indian, Nepali, Japanese, and other Foreigners product for people, for their daily needs and also for those who love eating Indian food. We take pride in the satisfaction of our customers and recognize our reputation as providers of quality products.

We will continue our efforts towards meeting your needs and to cater to your needs with our service.

Ashok Kumar Ahluwalia
Asoka Intl Company Limited

Our Mission

To help you make better decisions. We can help you too. The mission of AICL Company Limited, Japan is to create a sustainable flow of quality by successfully overcoming the challenges of tomorrow and contributing effectively to well-being at the forefront. Apart from these, cultivating adaptation of ethnic, herbal and healthy home practices, inculcating habits of constant encouraging and supporting creative abilities and research temperament, ascertaining and fostering close interaction with industries and other utility sectors and keeping abreast with state-of-the-art technology is our mission.

We understand that making everyday life decisions such as finding a Jewellery, Grocery, Ethnic items and Herbal products buying at home is today’s requirement.

That’s why we’re here. Our goal is to help you navigate those complex decisions by making them less of a chore (and hopefully less of a bore, too!)